I became the led teacher for Community of Caring at Woodville in 2015. During my time in this position thus far I have implemented several programs and initiatives to focus on parental involvement and student leadership because those were described to be lacking components at our school. Since then, we have received so much positive feedback from students, faculty members, and parents. Students have more opportunities to show character and actually want to be recognized for their efforts. Staff members are also acknowledged for displaying the core values on a daily basis through our Shout Out system. Woodville has been recognized nationally by Character.org for two of our programs, Student Hosts and Citizen of the Month. Student Hosts is a program where students with incarcerated parents have the opportunity to serve as school ambassadors. They assist new students in their transition to Woodville, school functions, community engagement activities, etc. Citizen of the Month is a program where one student per classroom is recognized each month for showing the monthly character trait throughout the building for the entire month. These students are recognized in front of their peers and and a pizza party is held for them and their parents. At this luncheon the parents are briefed on the monthly character trait, the meaning, and the students share what they did that set them apart from their peers. Community of Caring has truly helped our efforts in creating a friendly school climate for our staff, students, and parents!