I am the proud mother of two wonderful Bellevue Elementary School students! As a RPS parent and educator, I am extremely passionate about “growing my children into the individuals that they are destined to become”. Fortunately, over the last seven years, Bellevue has encouraged, nurtured, and loved our children in their physical and mental growth. I always brag to my friends, that Bellevue is a hidden jewel. Every day, I am thankful to know that our children learn the importance of core values like caring, respect, responsibility, trust and family, while at school.

My daughter is a 3rd grader at Bellevue Elementary. Since the last presidential election, she has been curious and very interested in giving back to the community, by helping the homeless. Before school started, I suggested that we speak with her school counselor about helping her bring her idea to life. After speaking to her counselor, and learning that her service project would soon become an entire school initiative, she was proud and overwhelmed with happiness! Not only has this service project allowed my daughter to enhance her leadership skills; this service project has sparked an interest in a variety of students. Students have volunteered to become “Ambassadors of the Homeless Service Project”, in an effort to collaboratively show sincerity and love for those in their community who are less fortunate. When I think about children volunteering to help those less fortunate, it really warms my heart. This simple imitative will teach our children how to love and take pride in their community. It will also teach them that they are responsible for what goes on around their neighborhood and they are never too young to make a change in the world.
At this point, I could continue my letter for several more pages, however I will not. I challenge those who are listening, to go and speak to our Bellevue students for yourself! Bellevue has some of the most caring and respectful students in RPS. As an active parent in the Bellevue community, I love to watch my children grow into strong-minded, confident, and honest individuals. The Community of Caring Core Values: caring, respect, responsibility, trust, and family will help to shape our future leaders of tomorrow.